Curate datasets from archival collections

Create custom datasets specific to your goals

Make maps and graphs transform your research

Engage your audience with Citizen Science Projects

Integrate digital history in your writing

Database design, development, and maintenance for historical analysis

Digital History Consulting makes the iterative process of database design transparent and helps historians reflect on their research questions, desired digital products, and the database and data they require. Committing to this process as a fundamental of digital research and communicating this process to the academic community increases the credibility and sustainability of research results. At the same time, clear definitions of database fields and instructions for data entry ensure data consistency across research teams. Digital History Consulting provides these services in addition to database administration and maintenance services.

Project planning and management

Digital History Consulting provides consulting and leadership services to research teams and individuals. Whether consulting on project design and planning or becoming a member of the team, Digital History Consulting facilitates project management and transforms research collaboration with other historians, other disciplines, and IT departments.

Grant development and writing

Digital History Consulting aids individual researchers and teams in grant development and writing to highlight the novel contributions of digital methods in particular research projects. With more competition in digital history research, Digital History Consulting makes sure proposals have substance to their digital research and thus become more likely to be funded.

Assessing opportunities for exploring digital tools and methodologies

Digital History Consulting helps scholars, graduate students, and research teams explore the opportunities for digital scholarship in their research and suggest solutions for all skill levels. Digital History Consulting makes it a point to integrate digital scholarship with time-proven research methods and to make digital tools approachable and easy.

Mapping and Visualization

Digital History Consulting consults on and performs mapping and visualization of historical data. Whether the dataset comes from historical records like census data or is assembled by historians for analytical purposes, Digital History Consulting develops maps and visualizations tailored to your research.

Historical Research

Digital History Consulting provides archival research on site in northern New England or online to provide digitization of archival sources for customer research or historical narrative for companies, farms, families, individuals, or other research projects.